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Wiley Park Zone

PSSA Touch Football Draw 2022

Link to draw and rules

The 2022 Touch Football season will follow the rules as stated in the updated Wiley Park Constitution.

Match results are to be entered online via Google Sheets, using the document titled ‘Touch Scoring Onenote’ (this is the same process as last year). If unsure how to access this Google Sheet, please send your match results to:

It is the responsibility of every school to provide witches hats (to mark the field) and a match ball for every game.


  • There are 11 x Senior teams and 10x Junior teams

  • There are 12 rounds in total

3 points for a win

2 points for a draw

1 point for a loss

0 points for a forfeit

2 points for a wash out, unless you were scheduled for the BYE, in which case, you receive 3 points.

ALL games will be played at CROYDON PARK.


Mr Matt Robinson
Touch Football Convener
Ashbury Public School

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