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Wiley Park PSSA Boys Football  - Rules


Juniors: Boys aged 8, 9 or 10

Seniors: Boys aged 11, 12 or 13


Games should start as soon as possible after both teams are at the field. Games not started before 12.50pm will have to be shortened. This must be negotiated before the start of either match by the coaches of the two schools. All matches should be completed at 2:10pm for bus pickups.

Matches should be:                                                                                   SEMI FINAL DOCUMENT

– Juniors 15mins each half

– Seniors 20mins each half

The timetable for matches should be as follows.

Junior 1st Half – 12:45pm- 1:00pm

Juniors 2nd Half – 1:05pm – 1:20pm

Seniors – 1st Half – 1:25pm – 1:45pm

Seniors – 2nd Half – 1:50pm – 2:10pm


Referees must be a teacher or qualified referee. Each teacher to preferably referee half a game unless an arrangement is otherwise reached before the match commences. Any official referees obtained for semi-finals or finals to be paid an agreed fee.



Decisions on washed out games will be made as early as possible on the day. If games are washed out, all teams with receive 0 points.


Points will be awarded as: Win- 3     Draw- 1        Loss- 0         Bye - 3  

Forfeit/No Show/Washout- 0


The competition will be organised into two divisions based on junior results from the previous year. Each Division will have a designated home ground where all matches will be played.

Competition Ladder

  • Goal difference will be used to determine final placings if more than one team finishes on the same number of points.

  • If goal difference is the same, the team scoring the most number of goals shall be placed higher.

  • If goal difference is level, and the teams have played, the result of this match will determine the team to progress. If this is still equal, a toss of the coin will decide – as per FIFA rules.


Drawn matches in final series

  • If after the duration of the time in a semi-final, final or grand-final, the score results in a draw, an extra five (5) minutes each way will be played. In a semi-final, if a draw still results, the team higher in the competition table shall be the winner. In a grand-final, if a draw still results, both teams will be joint winners. 



If a team is unable to play on the allocated Friday, it will be deemed a forfeit.


9 a side (including keeper) for Juniors

11 a side (including keeper) for Seniors



Modified field refer to diagram in link for setting up penalty box and goals. Sidelines will be the same as a full size field however the back lines will be in line with the 18-yard box. The field is to be marked out using cones on the corners including the penalty box to avoid confusion. There should be 12 cones set up in total for the junior field. Junior penalty spot to 8m from goal.

Link to Junior field size diagram



Full size field.

Senior penalty spot 11m from goal.



  • Shin pads and soccer boots MUST be worn at all times during the match.

  • Teachers must check studs before game for sharp edges or excessively worn boots.

  • Balls for both Juniors and Seniors to be size 4.

  • 12 cones needed to mark out the Junior modified field.

  • 1 goal to be provided by each team for the Junior games.



Present F.I.F.A. rules of the game will be used:


Free kicks are given anywhere on the field for:

  1. Intentional handball

  2. Any form of unnecessary rough play; eg. tripping, pushing, holding back.

  3. Swearing, abusive language

  4. Goalkeeper picks up an intentional backpass

  5. Goalkeeper picks up an intentional throw-in by the defending team




Goal Keepers

Goal keepers cannot pick up any ball intentionally passed or thrown back to them by their own team. If they do, a free kick is awarded where the keeper touched the ball. The keeper can only pick up the ball if it has been headed by either team, kicked by the opposition, thrown from the sideline by the opposition or unintentionally passed back.


Goalkeeper can, after fielding the ball, run to the edge of the penalty box to kick the ball into play.


Goal Kicks

Juniors – From anywhere inside penalty box

Seniors – From anywhere inside 18-yard penalty box



A player is in an offside position when the ball is played forward, if he is nearer to his opponents’ goal line than the ball, unless:

  1. He is in his own field of play or

  2. There are at least two of his opponents, one of which may be the goalkeeper, nearer their own goal line than he is.


Note on Rule - Juniors will not play the offside rule however it should be used a coaching point at training sessions and matches.


Juniors – from corner flag of modified field.

Seniors – from corner flag.


Penalty Kicks

A direct shot at goal, taken from the penalty spot inside the penalty box, awarded for:

  1. An intentional trip/ push to an attacking player inside the box.

  2. A deliberate handball inside the box.


Juniors – taken 8m from goal (2m from inside the box)

Seniors - taken 11m from goal (12 yards)



An interchange system exists where an unlimited number of replacements are allowed within a registered team.  Any player replaced may return to the field later in the match, as long as no more than 9 (juniors) 11 (seniors) team members are on the field at any one moment. Interchange situations may only take place at a time when the flow of the game will not be affected i.e. behind the play or during a stoppage.


Note on Rule - When a penalty is awarded, neither the goalkeeper nor the player taking the penalty kick may be interchanged before the penalty kick is taken.

Mercy Rule

When your team is in front by 8 goals, the game will stop keeping score from this point and the score will be final. The game may continue to provide students with learning opportunities. For example, if the score reaches 8-0, 9-1, 10-2, etc that will remain the final score. No further goals will be noted down. Results to be entered via Google Drive link provided on Friday afternoon or Monday morning.




Any player found to be bleeding during a match must be immediately replaced and will not be permitted to return to the playing field until the bleeding has stopped.


First Aid

All coaches must provide a first aid kit.


Head Injuries   

All students who receive a head injury (of any type) must be immediately removed from the field and cannot participate further in that game.



Wiley Park PSSA Boys Football – Pool A Schools 

Bennett Park - 88-98 Karne St N, Riverwood NSW 2210

  1. Earlwood B

  2. Wiley Park

  3. Beverly Hills North

  4. Earlwood A

  5. McCallums Hill

  6. Clemson Park


Wiley Park PSSA Boys Football – Pool B Schools

Rudd Park – 4D-4E Clarence St, Belfield NSW 2191

  1. Ashbury

  2. Campsie

  3. Canterbury

  4. Harcourt

  5. Punchbowl/1

  6. Undercliffe (Jnr)

  7. Punchbowl/2 (Snr)



Link to 2023 draws, field size and maps

Convenor: Anthony Kalinovski

Results: Google Drive

Semi Finals: 21/7/23  |  Finals: 28/7/23  |  Wet Weather Finals: TBA

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