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Rugby League

2023 Wiley Park PSSA Rugby League Sport Program

Link to draw


Welcome back to the new winter season of competition. We have 5 schools competing in the senior competition and junior competition. This may allow us two full rounds if the weather permits.


I have not received confirmation of the Canterbury All Schools Carnival as yet but once I have received it I will adjust the draw to accommodate for the schools participating. No competition games will be organised for Tasker Park that week but if schools aren’t competing they could arrange a “friendly” match for that week.


2023 Rules and Regulations

Link to Competition rules and draw: Rugby League 2023


Games should commence at 12.45 pm each Friday. All games are to be played under Mod League Guidelines with the following modifications.



  • 15 minutes per half (5 mins half time break)

  • Students 10 years of age or younger

  • Modified field (80m x 50m)

  • 11 players with unlimited interchange using a maximum of 15 players



  • 20 mins per half (5 mins half time break)

  • Students 11/12/13 years of age

  • No time off for injuries

  • Full field

  • 13 players with unlimited interchange using a maximum of 17 players.



  • All students must wear football boots with metal or rubber sprigs and a mouth guard.

  • No joggers.

  • Players are to be encouraged to wear other protective equipment (shoulder pads, head gear).

  • Each school to provide their own First Aid Kit at games each Friday.


Results need to be entered online.


Junior/Senior teams

  1. Beverly Hills North

  2. Campsie

  3. Clemton Park

  4. Punchbowl

  5. Wiley Park


Venue: Clemton Park- Moorefields Road, Kingsgrove


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